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Vodafone is the world's leading telecommunications company

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We have a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States, through our subsidiaries, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments. Together with partnerships with other mobile network operators, this allows us to control our own network design and functionality.

Our Global SIM

The Vodafone Global SIM enables us to support your IoT infrastructure around the world. Pre-provisioned and ready to use, it makes installing, distributing and deploying your IoT solutions simple.

Because it acts as a local SIM wherever it roams, the Vodafone Global SIM means that you have only one tariff and one supplier to manage. You can plan your investments more accurately and stay on top of your costs. And our solution is always backed by a bespoke service level agreement that fits your business.


VANMOOF makes urban cycling safer with Vodafone IoT

VANMOOF uses Vodafone Global SIMs, integrated in the bike frames, to provide connectivity for all its e-bikes. It means VANMOOF can manage all SIMs from the Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, with price consistency, for bikes shipped anywhere in the world. Vodafone connectivity, and the Global SIMs’ ability to roam to a secondary network if needed, makes for a more robust tracking solution

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Whatever you need, Vodafone IoT will keep your organisation ahead of the game.

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Managed connectivity

Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform helps you deploy connected IoT applications faster on a local, regional or global scale, for example vehicle telematics, fleet management, electronic metering, asset tracking and remote operations. Underpinned by patented technology, it removes barriers such as country-specific SIMs, multiple individual contractual agreements and complex service integration and operation.

It brings together the world’s biggest, fully-owned network, our Managed IoT Connectivity platform and our Global SIM. Which means you get flexibility, simplicity and guaranteed service quality. Our centrally hosted, secure self-service platform provides superb control with an intuitive web interface. And our ready-to-use SIMs and solderable M2M SIM chips can be fully integrated in manufacturing and distribution processes with a single ‘bill of material’. So you don't need to buy local cellular connectivity or worry about roaming costs.

Professional services

Our world-class professional services team is ready to support you throughout your IoT projects. We help you simplify and speed up the process, so you can put IoT to work for your business. We have more than 400 IoT experts available to support our customers all over the world.


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