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If you can’t track your assets, you can’t optimise your costs

Having full visibility of assets you have deployed across the globe can be challenging. Theft, inventory levels, maintenance bills and rental of replacement assets will all cost as much as 20% or more. Businesses need to look at how they can do more with less – how they can automate manual processes, increase efficiencies, reduce theft and loss and optimise utilisation of assets.

Whether you work in manufacturing, security, health or logistics and have valuable mobile assets such as machinery, pallets, containers or even electric bicycles, it is essential to track them. Only then can you optimise your costs and increase your efficiency.



Mobile Asset Tracking allows you to optimise the costs of your assets

Mobile Asset Tracking will give you full visibility and control to track and monitor your assets. You can trace assets, view asset distribution, receive geofence and maintenance alerts, check battery status and run reports, all through the Mobile Asset Tracking Portal.

Mobile Asset Tracking is a ready to go service that automates visibility of your asset distribution and allows for multiple geofences providing alerts and showing asset movement. To make adoption even easier, there is a 3 month trial pack providing service for up to 50 devices.