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Analyst Views | August 2016

Product Assessment – Vodafone Global Industrial IoT Services


Current Analysis identifies Vodafone as a global leader in IoT with 38 million connections, managed IoT Connectivity available in 30 countries and 4G LTE roaming for IoT available in over 100 countries.

Summary of key strengths

  • Vodafone is a global leader in IoT; in FY 2015 (ended March 31), it reached 38 million connections, with annual revenue growth of 29%. Its Managed IoT Connectivity platform is now available in 30 countries.
  • Vodafone provides end to end solutions for remote monitoring, Internet in the Car and Usage Based Insurance, with a new focus on building security, and cloud-enabled applications.
  • 4G LTE roaming for IoT is available in over 100 countries. Vodafone is also partnering with satellite operators to offer complementary VSAT in remote regions.
  • Vodafone is seeing requirements for fixed IoT connectivity (for utilities, for example), and also opened the first NB-IoT Lab, with trials for NB-IoT in four countries and commercial launch set for 2017.
  • The acquisition of Cobra (now Vodafone Automotive) provided many new OEM customers an end to end hardware/software/platform service for the connected car. Vodafone offers highly secure connected car technology via encryption and device registration.
  • As vertical sectors grow they become centers of competence (like Vodafone Automotive). Key verticals where Vodafone offers managed connectivity and end solutions are: utilities, health, industry, building security, retail and smart city.