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Vodafone and Marketforce’s Smart Energy Management for Businesses webinar explored the opportunities for businesses that arise from taking a ‘smart’ approach to energy management, and identify key strategies for moving towards the goal of long-term sustainability.

Who spoke at the event?

Alex Pitman, Group Energy, Environment and Engineering Manager, The Co-operative Group Keith Ford, Global Account Director, LS Cable & Systems Goran Naslund, Global Business Development Manager, Energy, Vodafone M2M

What was on the agenda?

Managing a multi-site business: how best to monitor and compare energy usage on individual sites? Setting organisational baseline for energy consumption: what factors must be taken into consideration? Better tariff selection and avoiding incorrect payment: what are the financial benefits of more accurate bills? Demonstrating CSR: how best to capitalise on the reputational benefits of improved energy management? Getting whole organisation buy-in: successfully fostering a culture of sustainability and energy conservation Embedding a permanent step-change: how best to ensure smarter energy management in the long-term?