Our Operator Partners

Vodafone brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world’s largest communications network, and outstanding offering and vast experience.

We have the world’s largest network, and we bring like-minded partners to the table. We have strong partner alliances where you need coverage outside our footprint.

The combination of Vodafone’s fully-owned network and strong partner alliances with operators outside of the Vodafone footprint provides customers with the consistency, reliability and service quality that enterprises demand to run their most critical operations.

It not only provides our global Vodafone IoT customers with best-in-class managed connectivity capabilities (commercially and technically) in markets strategic for them, but also enables our partners to resell the Vodafone global proposition within their markets.

Our customers only need to manage one tariff and supplier allowing them to plan their investments accurately and predict costs with a bespoke service level agreement built to suit specific needs.

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