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Sycada is an internationally operating company with more than 15 years experience in enterprise mobility and telematics solutions. More than 2.000 enterprise customers make use of Sycada’s technology and hosted platform. The scope of Sycada’s services include GPS tracking, vehicle and trip reporting, connected navigation, and specialized asset & cargo security and monitoring solutions. A dedicated competence center for sustainable mobility solutions uses innovative telematics technologies to help corporations make drastic and lasting reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while simultaneously reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. For conventional fleets, Sycada monitors driver efficiency and provides drivers with immediate feedback on driving style and fleet managers with insight into fuel & CO2 reductions over time. In addition Sycada facilitates the introduction of electric vehicles in corporate fleets by providing a plug & play telematics infrastructure that reduces range anxiety of drivers and supports corporate e-car sharing programs with web-based planning and reservation tools."

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Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Security, Transport & Logisitics

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System Integrator, Communications Provider

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