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The amount and type of data that businesses have to track on a day to day basis is continually growing, whether that be in marketing, finance, HR or even parts of Operations and because of this challenges are arising for businesses who rely on traditional supply chain systems.

Logistics businesses now have more assets to track and must maintain a wider range of equipment globally such as shipping containers, plant/factory machinery, and fleet vehicles and so need a solution that will deliver real time analytics which will enable them to improve supply chain processes.

IBM and Vodafone have joined forces to launch the Mobile Asset Optimisation solution. This new solution predicts and tracks asset distribution throughout the supply chain, reducing loss, theft and replacement costs and accelerating business decisions. By simply fitting an asset with a tracking device you can realise a dynamic inventory tool which integrates seamlessly with advanced analytics to provide predictive insights on distribution of your worldwide assets.


Features of Mobile Asset Optimisation


data_capture100x100 Data Capture

Capture the location data from all your assets using a range of tracking devices from our portfolio chosen by use-case

connect150x150 Connect

Transfer asset data seamlessly to Vodafone’s and IBM’s cloud using Vodafone’s global managed connectivity


analytics150x150 Analytics

Leverage intelligent analytics to provide insights on asset location and behaviour


tracking150x150 Tracking

Track your assets on maps and reports to ensure seamless operations


notifications150x150 Notifications

Receive notifications through SMS & email for excursions


decisions150x150 Decisions

Make proactive and informed decisions to minimize impact on overall business



The Mobile Asset Optimisation solution from Vodafone and IBM optimises operational performance to drive efficiency and profitability. By fitting your asset with one of our tracking devices you enable our IoT platform to manage device data, which integrates with advanced analytics to provide predictive insights.

A new level of business insight

Our Mobile Asset Optimisation solution tracks and predicts asset movement throughout the supply chain, reducing loss, theft and replacement costs. Mobile Asset Optimisation:

  • Provides analytics on location and availability of any trackable asset
  • Tracks & Predicts inventory levels of these assets at a given location
  • Provides weather insights and alerts to enable better logistics coordination
  • Improves utilization (turnover) of assets
  • Enables better maintenance and budgeting of assets based on availability
  • Reduces theft or loss of assets and possibly their contents

How does it work?

Vodafone IoT provides the tracking devices fitted with a battery and a Global SIM which connect automatically with the Mobile Asset Tracking platform (data collection) via the Vodafone IoT Platform (managed connectivity) and IBM’s Watson IoT Platform and Dashboard (analytics).

Business benefits of Mobile Asset Optimization

Asset predictability

  • Provides dynamic insight into current asset location
  • Notification of incoming or outgoing assets at pre-defined sites
  • Future prediction of available assets based on historical trends (up to 90 days in advance)

Risk avoidance

  • Weather information & alerts
  • Real-time alerting of excursions
  • Potential impacts on delivery from mis-routing or weather events
  • Identification of risk prone areas

Battery Lifecycle Management

  • Monitor tracking device battery life expectancy
  • Budget and plan for tracking device battery replacement
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