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In industries where multi-country roll out of devices is required and where device access is to be restricted for a secure end user experience; organisations may face the following challenges.


How to restrict access so that only specific business applications can be used as well as ensuring users don’t have open internet access or use devices for any other purposes other than the predefined business application.


Managing multiple vendors and multiple support points globally to ensure the smooth running of business critical applications requires dedicated resources resulting in substantial overhead costs. In addition, procuring SIMs and devices for each country, inserting SIM’s and preparing devices before shipping is time-intensive and potentially problematic.


Deploying thousands of tablets across multiple countries, administrators need to be able to control devices centrally, with complete visibility of usage and spend, while end users need a consistent experience.


managed tablet diagram

Vodafone’s IoT Managed Tablet solution helps you focus on core competencies while ensuring the security, management and control of your connected tablets.

As part of solution, Vodafone will:

  • Help you to choose the right device for your needs
  • Provide a single Global SIM with an unmatched global connectivity footprint
  • Setup point to point connectivity with restricted access using our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform
  • Setup and manage device profiles as per your IT policy using Vodafone Secure Device Manager
  • Do staging, kitting and device setup as per requirement
  • Distribute devices that are ready to use, straight out of the box
  • Offer a single point of contact for support through the Vodafone Global IoT Service Desk
  • Deliver centralised billing and reporting

Vodafone’s IoT Managed Tablet solution is uniquely positioned to get your business ready for challenges of tomorrow by:

  • Simplifying global rollout of devices with specific business applications
  • Ensuring security while maintaining a unique end user experience
  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing total cost of ownership