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The Vodafone Global M2M Platform simplifies M2M management — so you can realise the full potential of M2M. Whether you have thousands of M2M-enabled assets worldwide, or just a few in one location, the Global M2M Platform enables you to manage your entire M2M estate centrally.

The Platform gives you visibility and control of your M2M devices anywhere within our global footprint. It can track the location of any M2M SIM installed in an asset, alert you to unusual activity, produce reports on performance and data usage, activate new SIMs, and much more.

Vodafone built and wholly owns the Global M2M Platform, so we can:

  • Integrate it tightly into our core network for better performance, reliability and manageability.
  • Control the development roadmap so we can extend the platform’s capabilities to meet your changing needs.
  • Give you a single point of contact for any questions or issues

Key features

A user-friendly dashboard

The portal’s dashboard gives you a picture of your global M2M estate at a glance. It can be customised according to job role, ensuring you are presented with the most vital information.

Easy SIM management

Using the convenient self-service management tool, you can order SIMs in bulk, set country and regional restrictions, and change operational states to align with different stages of your manufacturing lifecycle.

Real-time alerting

The Platform enables you to define upper and lower data thresholds for SIMs in each group. If a SIM should operate outside of the parameters you set, the Platform will alert you immediately.4

Transparent reporting

The Platform generates a variety of standard reports for the current and previous billing period to help you understand how your remote assets are operating on the network.

Service diagnostics

service diagnostic tools and the transaction log, you can diagnose SIM problems, such as misconfiguration, RADIUS proxy issues, sudden spikes in data transmissions, and more.


We take data security seriously. By default, your devices connect to the Platform over a shared APN using a dynamic IP address. But, if you wish, you can opt for a dedicated private access point name (APN) and dynamic, fixed or mixed IP allocations over a range of connections including IPSec tunnels and leased lines. Only devices and assets with SIMs assigned to your organisation can transfer data via the dedicated APN — preventing unauthorised access.