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Organisations are increasingly being tasked with investing in measures to become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon emissions. Failure to do this can not only contravene environmental laws but with ever increasing utility bills, can be a huge cost to the business. Additionally there are corporate responsibility goals to be met and with current forecasts on climate change growing ever more alarming, organisations cannot afford complacency in this area.

Energy management can be a very complicated business, particularly for organisations with multiple sites. How do you keep track of what type of energy is being used where, and for what purpose? How do you know when energy is actually needed and when it’s just being wasted? Do you know if you’re even on the right tariff? It’s a fairly daunting task and without detailed knowledge and data it’s difficult to identify which measures will actually deliver costs savings and encourage the change in behaviour required to get results.



Tailored to your needs

Vodafone’s Energy Data Management programme has been created to make this transition a pain-free experience. Our IoT Energy Team not only has experience from working with local and international organisations all over the world, but also has solutions already in place ready to work for your business. The team will spend as much time as you need consulting with you to find the right solutions for your sites or assets which can consists of energy monitoring, management systems and data analysis. Once you have all that data we can create a comprehensive plan of action to ensure you achieve your goals.


  • Greater visibility of operating conditions on site
  • Remote automated monitoring, alarming and control
  • Pro-actively assistance in energy optimisation initiatives
  • Intelligent energy & carbon management programmes
  • Improvements in budgetary planning processes
  • Employee engagement processes
  • Strengthen the corporate brand