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Stay in control of your remote assets

Retail companies spend millions – sometimes hundreds of millions – of euros into retail display cabinets for better product placement and improved quality. Cabinets are typically provided to stores free of charge with the promise that they will increase sales to cover the investment. The challenge is that after the cabinets are delivered, the owner has very little visibility and control over these assets.

Key issues:

  • Owner doesn't typically know where the cabinets are at any given time due to unauthorized moves or even theft – resulting in reported 5-15% annual loss of assets
  • Cabinets are often switched off to save electricity, resulting in poor product quality e.g. warm beverage – this has a huge impact on product sales
  • Store manager uses the cabinet for competitor products, making the whole investment pointless for the owner – purity is a significant challenge especially for beverage companies
  • Even when assets are working, the ability to measure when stock needs replenishing is limited to 'after the event' reporting. This often means the assets sit idle until new stock arrives
  • The impact of the above is that the return on investment for retail cabinets is far from optimal. Luckily, there is a solution

Connected Cabinets Videos

Vodafone Connected Cabinets: Keeping track of refrigeration units for optimised product quality

Retail faces an ever changing competitive landscape and for FMCG's ensuring their products are kept in the right conditions, fully stocked and correctly presented can be a huge challenge. Vodafone Connected Cabinets can give you visibility of your cabinets almost globally. You'll know if they're fully stocked, if they're at the right temperature and even if they're not where they should be. This short animated video gives a high level overview of the Vodafone IoT solution.


Transform retail units into intelligent assets

The Vodafone Connected Cabinets solution is a managed, end-to-end solution that transforms retail cabinets into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and product consumption in real-time. These standard applications can be further enhanced with additional services.

The solution uses Vodafone's network strength and global reach in both developed and developing markets to deliver real-time, dynamic information. As a leader in IoT solutions Vodafone provides the devices to capture the data, networks to deliver it and applications to turn it into information and business insight.

With the Vodafone Connected Cabinet solution, you will be able to seize control of your chillers, cabinets and freezers to cut costs, optimise stock levels and increase sales per asset.

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