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Case Studies | January 2013

Transpoco is an Irish vehicle tracking and fleet management provider. After successfully moving into the UK and French market it is now planning a major push into Europe, with India a longer term objective. Vodafone’s Global M2M platform enables Transpoco to scale globally.


Business need

Following a successful launch in the UK and Irish markets, Transpoco needed an international M2M solution to help with its global expansion. It needed a partner to help build a platform to manage and monitor transport data.

" We can view and control every SIM from Dublin. We can activate the SIM and monitor its performance without the need for local telecoms support. It’s been worth investing the time early to create this long term advantage." Andrew Fleury,

co-founder, Transpoco


After a rigorous six-month planning and testing period, the Vodafone Global M2M Platform provides Transpoco with an international M2M solution. It ensures standard pricing, global coverage and remote trouble shooting.

Business benefits

  • Unique functionality: The ability to interrogate SIMs and remotely diagnose issues is an important feature in a system where the availability of information can be mission critical
  • Standardisation of communications: Global M2M Service provides a common communication platform for deployments anywhere in the world, meaning the same standard of service to all of their customers without the additional support required in managing multiple connectivity partners
  • Tailored pricing: Consistent, predictable and manageable cost structure reduces the risk involved in operating internationally
  • The Transpoco and Vodafone solution is now able to track customers’ fleet vehicles worldwide, reducing fuel costs and enabling better planning of resources
  • The joint solution is enabling more customers to improve fleet and lower insurance costs and cuts accident rates