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Case Studies | June 2013

CableTracks provides a remote monitoring system that helps Dutch construction companies reduce damage to underground cables. To be effective CableTracks needs the support of a reliable national data network. It also needs to work with a specialised team that it can trust. Vodafone provides the M2M infrastructure that underpins the CableTracks service, supported by a dedicated M2M service. 


Business Need

CableTracks is a Dutch company that provides a field monitoring system to control and reduce damage to underground utility cables. Using a combination of GPS and GPRS technology, CableTracks helps construction companies and utilities to accurately detect and locate underground cables before any new ground works take place.

" Vodafone has been excellent at listening to our needs and responding with pricing that is clear, predictable and helps us make solid plans for the future. Other companies sell M2M as a commodity. With Vodafone you get an end-to-end solution." Rob Venselaar,

Director, CableTracks


Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIMs are installed in CableTracks’ devices that transmit location data to a central database. Vodafone provides reliable and scalable national coverage, plus pricing and service that enables CableTracks to plan and execute its operations effectively.

Business Benefits

  • 65% less cable damage if digging locations are checked before works commence, significantly reducing customers’ liability costs arising from damage
  • Improved public experience as a result of reduced utility disruption through minimising accidental damage
  • Comprehensive national network coverage ensures a reliable and robust service across the Netherlands
  • Clear and predictable pricing allows CableTracks to plan for the future with confidence