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Case Studies | March 2013

City of Venice: Venis S.p.A. and Vodafone - working for efficiency in the civil service.


" Our aim is to make Venice a genuine ‘Smart City’, so we are developing hi-tech solutions and innovative – mostly mobile – services, to which Vodafone has made an enormous and knowledgeable contribution." Valter Baldassi,

Co-General Manager, Venis S.p.A

Business need

Venis was initially established to assist the council with the switchover to computerised management.


Thanks to the partnership with Vodafone, which has achieved seamless integration with the city’s network, Venis and Venice Council can now offer a whole range of new services, especially designed for mobile working.


Working with Vodafone M2M solutions, Venis S.p.A.’s services:

  • Reduced council administration costs
  • Fast up-to-date information to local citizens
  • Simple, easy to use solution for citizens and staff
  • An informed city, resulting in a 'truly Smart City'