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Case Studies | November 2013

Track4Services needed to find a reliable way to connect London taxis to its new sponsored Wi-Fi service. It also needed to make sure the service would be commercially viable.


Business Need

Track4Services is a mobile communications specialist at the forefront of the revolution in Smart Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC). After developing an idea for a sponsored Wi-Fi service in taxis, it needed to find a reliable and commercially effective way to deliver data connectivity to vehicles within London, the city chosen for the launch.


Track4Services has worked with Vodafone to launch a taxi Wi-Fi service that connects to the internet via Vodafone’s reliable and fast 3G network, enabling it to sell a robust proposition to potential advertisers. Track4Services is also introducing a 4G service that will help it to further expand its business.

Business Benefits

  • Fast and reliable 3G connectivity attracts sponsors including Microsoft and major film distributors
  • Content is held locally in the vehicle which gives a fast and reliable content delivery
  • Live streaming of stats allows sponsors to see who is using the service and on which devices
  • Service launched with appropriate content control and sound commercial model following detailed trial by Vodafone engineers
  • Successful ongoing 4G trial enables Track4Services to plan new services for different environments, including a sponsored Wi-Fi service for rail providers

"We’ve gone for the best in everything. As well as the world’s leading mobile data network, our solution is built on our own high-spec router manufactured in Switzerland, our own bespoke software, the highest quality antennas – and we’ve tested everything in a facility usually reserved for military systems." Derek Greene,

CEO, Track4Services