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Technocon is the largest supplier of professional theft detection systems in the Netherlands, and provides its services across many European countries.

Business Need

Its services include car security, fleet management, and alarms for residential and business properties. It has more than 23,000 customer nodes in service with connectivity provided by Vodafone, with customers including some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

"It was always completely natural that we would choose to work with Vodafone to develop and deliver our Moving Intelligence solution. " Rolfe van de Velde,

Chief Executive Officer, Technocon

The solution

Technocon and Vodafone have been partners for more than ten years, with the first Vodafone connections established in 2001. The relationship has matured with Technocon and Vodafone working closely together to develop solutions to enable Technocon to expand beyond its well-established stronghold in the automotive arena, to take advantage of the huge opportunities that exist in other markets.

Key customer benefits

  • Moving Intelligence is reducing costs and improving vehicle performance and efficiency for fleet managers
  • The data provided by the solution is helping businesses throughout the automotive industry to make decisions about their own products, services, sales and marketing campaigns
  • This technology is helping to reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions
  • Vodafone and Technocon are a powerful combination to expand the use of M2M across industry