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Case Studies | February 2014

Sycada gets the Netherlands moving smarter: Greener buses, happier drivers, safer passengers


Business need

Since September 2013, around 1,500 buses run by the Connexxion transport group in the Netherlands have been fitted with tracking devices delivering real-time feedback on driver performance. The system is provided by Sycada, a telematics solutions provider based in Amsterdam, and it means that the drivers can compare their performance with colleagues. The drivers can earn incentives if they perform well, and many have taken it to Facebook to share their achievements. Sycada is even planting trees in Haiti to further reward the best-performing drivers.


Working with 10 buses, 15 pilot drivers and 100+ anonymous drivers, Sycada’s Green Fleet solution quickly demonstrated a difference in fuel usage of as much as 35% between the worst and the best driver in the same bus driving the same route. Using a wireless device attached to the bus dashboard, the Sycada solution registers vehicle and driver performance. The drivers see real-time feedback on a second dashboard device, allowing them to optimise their drive style. Once the journey is complete, a detailed report is sent to Sycada’s cloud-based servers. This report can then be viewed by drivers and Connexxion’s operations managers.

Business benefits

  • Sycada solution on track to exceed Connexxion target of 5% fuel savings over a one year period, saving the business €3 million
  • More mindful drivers also mean fewer accidents and improved passenger comfort
  • 1,500 Sycada devices installed across Connexxion fleet within eight weeks, using 50 installation engineers at 20 locations
  • Sycada has planted more than 8,000 trees in Haiti – one for every Connexxion driver and bus using its Green Fleet solution, plus a bonus 1,000 for the best driver per region, per quarter (Now not active)
  • Connexxion also has the option to add further software from Sycada (including vehicle diagnostics) in the future

"We’re seeing drivers compare their results, which is leading to continuous improvement. We’ve already seen excellent results." Robèrt Weijers,

Project Leader, Connexxion

"We’re a European business running hosted software solutions for clients. It makes all the sense in the world to have a network partner on a European level. There is a trust in the quality of the Vodafone network." Kristian Winge,

Managing Director of Sycada