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Case Studies | February 2016

International Cleaning Equipment (ICE) is a manufacturer of commercial cleaning equipment, operating in China. It sells floor scrubbers, wet vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors to cleaning companies and property managers.


Business Need

ICE needed a reliable connectivity partner to allow it to monitor the performance and usage of its i-Synergy cleaning devices, wherever they are in the world.



The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform enables ICE to install Vodafone Global SIMs in its equipment during production in its Chinese factories, and activate the SIM once the equipment goes live in any market in the world. It allows ‘smart’ cleaning machines to collect data on a variety of electrical components at least once every minute when the machine is in use and even during battery charging.


Business Benefits

  • Ensures global connectivity from one SIM, managed from one platform, simplifying worldwide go-to-market
  • Boosts marketing and launch credibility by partnering with a global communications brand
  • Establishes ICE as global pioneer in Chinese service sector
“The technical team at Vodafone has helped solve any technical issues, the commercial team has made some useful introductions in terms of business opportunities.” Michael Pang,

Vice President, International Cleaning Equipment