Sensormind provides peace of mind for relatives and those that care for the elderly

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Case Study | May 2014

Sensormind, powered by Vodafone, allows carers and relatives of the elderly peace of mind and visibility of their loved ones.


Business need

People want to ensure their elderly relatives are safe and secure at all times. They don’t want to spend time worrying that their loved ones may be in distress without being able to connect with help. Sensormind wanted to find a solution to address that need and required a reliable partner to provide a remote monitoring solution at a global scale.



Using in-home sensors and cloud technology, Sensormind provides a monitoring service to assist independent living for seniors. Using wireless, infra-red motion sensors in every room, and on every external door, linked via Vodafone data SIMs, families’ can monitor the movements of seniors around their home.


Business benefits

  • Enriched service to carers of elderly patients ensuring piece of mind for families and patients alike
  • Improved quality of life for long term independent patients
  • Tailored Pricing: Consistent, predictable and manageable cost structure reduces the risk of operating internationally
  • Standardisation of communications: Global IoT Service provides a common communication platform for all of their deployments anywhere in the world, meaning the same standard of service to all of their customers without the additional support required in managing multiple connectivity partners
  • Availability of network: ‘In-country roaming’ provides access to multiple networks in most regions, ensuring superior connectivity resilience
"Because this was such a long term decision for us we were always going to be thorough at the testing stage. It took 10 months for us to be happy, and there were 19 firmware revisions. We had plenty of opportunity for sandbox stuff before we went live. We did the work early with Vodafone so we don’t have to worry in the future." Siobhan King-Hughes,

Founder, Sensormind