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Case Studies | July 2016


Prompt Softech is a technology solutions provider to the Indian dairy sector. It has created a solution to analyse milk weight and quality at point of collection.

Business Need

Prompt Softech was founded to help tackle inefficiencies in the dairy supply chain in India. It launched with three products: an electronic weighing scales, data logging software and a machine for measuring fat content in milk. The challenge was how to centralise the data to allow the industry to analyse trends and better map production.


Using the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform Prompt Softech has created the Automatic Milk Collection System, a solution to weigh and analyse local milk production, then send the data to a centralised record. The Vodafone IoT managed connectivity service enables Prompt Softech to install a SIM in every device and activate it when the device goes live. This provides a reliable and effective way for the company to monitor and analyse collection data from their devices, managed from a single platform.

Business Benefits

  • Vodafone’s managed connectivity services allows Prompt Softech to manage all devices from a single platform
  • The Prompt Softech solution promises to create a national view of Indian dairy production
  • Establishes means to analyse effectiveness of investments in the dairy industry
“We’re working on the world’s largest IT integration project, and I expect the Vodafone managed connectivity service to comprise at least 60 per cent of this project. We have 1,000 villages already connected, and we’ll reach 18,000 within three years. Vodafone gives us the ability to scale quickly." Ritesh Sutaria,

CTO & Co-Founder, Prompt Softech