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Case Studies | November 2013

Having identified a security niche, remote locations where infrastructure is not available, iDefigo is now taking its “Mi5 Security” low-power, mobile solution into smart cities around the world. Vodafone provides the connectivity and strategic guidance to go global.


Business Need

iDefigo needed a mobile solution to connect its solar-powered cameras – and deliver robust security surveillance to remote customers. With global expansion planned, it needed a partner capable of serving markets worldwide.


The Vodafone Global M2M Platform provides iDefigo with an international M2M solution. It ensures price consistency, global coverage, local configuration and the means to roll-out quickly.

Business Benefits

  • Out-of-the-box: Global M2M Service provides a common communication platform for deployments anywhere in the world, meaning the same standard of service to all of their customers without the additional support required in managing multiple connectivity partners
  • Bespoke customer solution: end-users can move the security hardware quickly and alter the signal frequency
  • Strategic vision: Vodafone provides active assistance with sales introductions and access to M2M trend reports
  • Consistent, predictable and manageable cost structure reduces the risk involved in operating internationally

"Business is about sales. Vodafone bring us sales; they provide the contacts and make the introductions." Helen Wattie,

Group CEO, iDefigo