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Case study | September 2014

Leoworx is a German technology company specialising in tracking solutions for people and cars


Business Need

Ralf Kiehne, founder of Leoworx, imagined an intelligent tracking device capable of setting physical boundaries – should a child go out of a certain area an alert would be sent, should the device start moving above a certain speed (indicating the child had got into a car), another alert. The device would require no effort from the wearer, but could be tracked via a web portal by parents or carers. Having developed the iNanny prototype, a pager-sized tracking device capable of being clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket, he then needed connectivity: “What I was really interested in was being able to service many thousands of customers from one, global platform."


The Vodafone solution is for iNanny to make use of its Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, with Vodafone Global SIMs installed in all iNanny devices. The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform delivers a single platform from which to manage all customers billing. To meet international expansion plans, Vodafone Global SIMs will be used in any country in which Vodafone operates.

Business Benefits

  • Provides real-time view of data usage, billing and SIM control from a single platform
  • Pioneers the market for connected, consumer devices managed via the Web, creating a leadership position for iNanny
  • Vodafone Global SIMs underpin the successful launch of hardware in Germany, and allow for international growth
"Using Vodafone means we can manage all of the billing ourselves rather than dealing with multiple contracts from multiple suppliers. As a small business this simplicity makes things much easier." Ralf Kiehne,

Founder, Leoworx