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Case Study | April 2014

Since its formation in 2006, Globe Tracker (GT) has opened offices and development centres in China, Denmark, Iceland and the US. After five years of intensive research and development GT is now a leading provider of secure trade data sharing, data analytics and global asset tracking and monitoring services and equipment.


"When we first came up with the idea for this business we knew that we needed a global communications partner that was capable of providing the necessary scale, network coverage and price consistency to make it viable – Vodafone was the only serious global option." Don Miller,

Global Sales and Marketing Director, Globe Tracker


Business need

With traditional tracking technologies rapidly becoming out-dated, companies need to find better methods of tracking perishable goods throughout their journey.



Powered by Vodafone, Globe Tracker has developed and commercialised one of the most advanced global real-time tracking, monitoring and data sharing solutions on the market.



  • IoT technology enables shipping companies and their customers to globally track, monitor and remotely manage their assets as they make their way through the supply chain
  • Detailed real-time data from each asset: geospatial location, asset movement, tampering, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Robust audit trail, enabling data to be sent to customers, improving their efficiencies and competitive edge
  • Significantly reduced insurance premiums for companies that choose shipping partners using GT’s technology