Vodafone and CSL DualCom prepare to take security innovation to customers in international markets.

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Case Studies | September 2012

Vodafone provides an international M2M solution that is integrated into CSL DualCom's security devices.

Business Need

After 15 years of steady growth in the UK, CSL DualCom wanted to expand its security solution to customers in Europe. It therefore needed an international M2M solution that could provide performance, scalability and price transparency.

The solution

After rigorous testing, the Vodafone Global M2M solution provides an international M2M solution that is integrated into CSL DualCom’s security devices. It provides customers with standard pricing, regardless of territory, pan-European coverage and a feature-rich web portal.

Key customer benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of security devices, with secure dual-signalling, reduces maintenance visits (and costs), and delivers optimum performance.
  • Working with a global communications partner which offers consistent pricing and a Global M2M platform, enables CSL DualCom to expand its business into Europe.
  • A feature-rich web portal – which provides access to everything from performance to signal strength – improves customer satisfaction and gives CSL DualCom a great value-add.