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Case Studies | July 2013

CESC improves customer service and cuts operational costs with Vodafone smart meter solution.


" From pricing and technical architecture right through to implementation and the ongoing support we get, Vodafone has shown us that it is a specialist M2M partner that we can trust." Udayan Ganguly,

Senior Managerfor Metering, CESC

Business Need

CESC knew it could significantly improve the way it manages operations across this infrastructure by reducing manual processes and introducing increasing levels of automation. The decision to select smart metering was driven by the need to control costs – but also the desire to improve quality of service and power supply for customers.


Vodafone delivered the capability for CESC to bring a smart metering solution to market. In addition, Vodafone has installed SIMs in Distribution Transformer (DT) meters which help CESC to monitor and resolve power supply problems caused by overloading on the network.


  • Over 99% meter reading accuracy improves CESC’s customer service, boosts cash flow and reduces operational costs
  • Improved public experience as a result of reduced utility disruption through minimising accidental damage
  • Additional SIMs installed in Distribution Transformers help to detect overloading and improve quality of power supply
  • Comprehensive network coverage ensures CESC gets an 'always-on' service