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Carel is an Italian industrial climate and refrigeration business. Its customers include OEMs and multinational retailers providing climate controls and equipment for building management. It has manufacturing sites in Italy, China, Brazil and the US. Last year the company generated sales of €160m, roughly 40% per cent of which came from overseas.

"This wasn’t only about innovation, or connectivity and data traffic rates. We wanted the reassurance that if we had a problem, anywhere in the world, we’d have the SLA’s and support to solve it. That could only be Vodafone." Serena Ometto,

Product Manager, Carel

Business need

Carel is an industrial climate and refrigeration business. To support new product innovation and in order to add service to its hardware proposal it needed a partner to provide scalability, technical support and worldwide availability.


Vodafone Global M2M Platform ensures standard pricing by region, global coverage and a simple configuration.


  • Real-time monitoring reduces maintenance visits (and costs)
  • Remote management delivers optimum performance for customers’ machines, lowering energy costs
  • Consistent regional pricing combined with global coverage and simple configuration enables Carel to expand internationally.