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Our Building the vision paper gives the Vodafone perspective on the Accenture Technology Vision 2015. Specifically, we look at how the Internet of Things is transforming business, and explore the major themes that we see are emerging.

This year’s Accenture Technology Vision report combines survey data with cutting-edge insights about the changing technology landscape, to demonstrate how emerging technology trends will impact organisations like yours. The biggest disruption is set to come from the Internet of Things — the “digital fabric” that connects the platforms and ecosystems that will underpin tomorrow’s winning businesses.

The internet of me — putting people at the heart of technology

Digital channels are helping to enhance the consumer experience, but the Internet of Things takes personalisation and immersion to the next level. New product categories, such as wearable fitness bands and connected TVs are taking over the consumer devices space, and in other sectors, such as automotive; connectivity is changing the value that people get from their vehicles.

The outcome economy — every business is a service business

The Internet of Things is helping manufacturers to make a decisive shift from product to service sales. It gives manufacturers the information they need to make outcome-based services a reality — providing insight into what’s going on at the front line. And everyone benefits. Customers get better service, while manufacturers realise lower costs and get an understanding into how their products are being used, which can feed into R&D and marketing.

The workforce reimagined — empowering productivity

We’ve always used technology to augment our workforces, and with the Internet of Things, it can be taken even further. Technology innovations are helping workforces to become more efficient — performing existing tasks more effectively, taking on completely new ones and in some cases, automate processes, freeing up workers’ time to focus on tasks that will add more value to the business.

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