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Analyst Views | September 2015

Based on detailed analysis of the capabilities of each of the seventeen major Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Machina Research has determined that Vodafone maintains its position as the number one global operator in terms of taking advantage of the global M2M market opportunity.


Machina Research Founder & CEO noted, “Vodafone continues to benefit from tremendous scale and lots of strategic focus, and has been busy with lots of new initiatives to cement its position as market leader. The Cobra acquisition has given it more focus as a full service provider, doing everything from connectivity through to device and application. On a more operational level it has done things like sinking a lot into growing its customer care team. And its push to license GDSP to other carriers is an innovative move and plays well to the increasingly multi-platform world we’re seeing. And there are lots of interesting initiatives in the works, most notably around Low Power Wide Area network deployment”.

The report also states “there are many elements to defining leadership and we believe that a true global strategy, with real reach and capabilities, stand among the more important ones. When coupled with other attributes such as scale, experience, technology, and velocity, a top tier of global CSPs emerge as leaders in M2M”.

Machina Research benchmark ranks 17 tier-1 major CSPs against six criteria;

  • Pedigree – experience CSP has in addressing M2M market
  • Platform – the software platform that the CSP uses
  • Place – where the CSP is well placed to provide services
  • Partnerships – vertical and horizontal partnering
  • Process - processes involved in the supply of M2M services including application development, device certification, troubleshooting, SLAs, project management/systems integration, and client support.
  • People - dedicated M2M professionals, the CSP’s organisation and the fitness for purpose in addressing the M2M opportunity.
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