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Vodafone at Cisco Live!

Come to Cisco Live! 2018 Barcelona and visit Vodafone’s stand G11 and see an end-to end portfolio of interconnected products, with Software Defined Network and Unified Communications & Collaboration, all working together as a platform to assist our customers on their digital journey. We will demonstrate how we integrate AI with Google Home and Amazon Alexa with UC & Collaboration services, as well as the potential of future collaboration with Virtual Reality based upon Cisco Spark VR.

What can you see at stand G11

  • Employee collaboration tools including VR: explore the next phases of digital interaction in the workplace
  • Multichannel Contact Centre Capability: discover how customers can access a smart contact centre through their channel of choice (webchat, telephone, email)
  • Untethered working: explore how our products work with other applications to reshape the standards of truly digital working environments

Vodafone is a Gold Sponsor for the 2018 Cisco Live!, with a stand located at the heart of the venue (stand G11), where we will be showcasing our interconnected Unified Communications & Connectivity products. Vodafone experts can be found on the stand, demonstrating Vodafone’s products working together with Cisco technology and waiting to talk to you about the Wide Area Networking capabilities we have to offer. Join in our demos and discover how we integrate Vodafone solutions with 3rd party applications in order to create a smart, truly digital working environment.

Wide Area Networking :

We will be showcasing Vodafone Ready Network, our new global product portfolio of flexible, on-demand networks that combines our fixed and mobile network scale with the efficiency and agility of SDN/NFV.

Converged Communications:

Join us at the stand G11 to explore new ways that enable employees to collaborate and work smartly anywhere, with access to a variety of digital tools such as Vodafone One Net Enterprise which brings Voice to the Spark environment. Then cast an eye into the future, discovering Spark VR and exploring the next phases of intelligent interaction between people.

Useful information:

Vodafone’s stand G11


Sample of the VR interface of CISCO Spark

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