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Video Collaboration – with the swipe of a finger

According to Wainhouse, 96% of executives cite ineffective communication as the reason for workplace failure. Nonetheless, an average of 28 hours a month are spent by office workers writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally. To overcome ineffective communication, video conferencing would seem to be the ideal solution. However, video is often perceived to be a pain – from booking a room and conference bridge, inviting people, finding appropriate timeslots, to rebooking a room and eventually get everyone lined up.

With the video session finally set up, more delays can cause work-disruptions and aggravation. Often you will find people asking how to join, attending late, experiencing audio problems, background noise and file sharing problems, where an one-hour meeting frequently ends up being 40 minutes of productivity.

Many of us have seen the videos of failed audio and video conference calls, laughing while realising that this is what we have had to put up with day in day out. Would it not be nice if it just all worked with the swipe of a finger, enabling me to join from anywhere – be it from a room, my desk, or a phone?

What if it was as easy as looking at my calendar on my smartphone or tablet, touching the entry and, clicking to join a conference. If only I could just invite stakeholders just by clicking on their name, from one simple, easy to use app. All this is now possible with the fully managed Vodafone Meet Anywhere – Video service in the cloud.

Share documents; co-author with white boards; demonstrate new products and so much more, from adjacent rooms to anywhere in the world.

And, with 84% of businesses planning to have video conferencing on mobile devices, a simple user interface is essential. Find out more about Vodafone Meet Anywhere here and take a look at the user interface of the Vodafone Meet Anywhere app for Android and Apple devices.