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Fresh products and easy monitoring with Vodafone Connected Cabinets

We have come a long way since Heron of Alexandria invented the first drinks dispensing machine back in the 1st century AD, but the millions of food and drink cabinets in retail stores worldwide still need constant monitoring for best product conditions. Whether it is chocolate, drinks or sandwiches, cabinet owners need to think of new ways to manage efficient temperature, humidity or weight measurements, without the need to be on-site.

The Internet of Things helps connect cabinets

Vodafone Connected Cabinets keeps products fresh with the latest IoT technology. We incorporate telemetry devices, controller units and sensors at the point of manufacture or into existing cabinets to provide the following features:

  • Remote monitoring: assess cabinet stock levels and restock before supplies are exhausted by looking at data from door open reports and weight sensors,
  • Integrated sensors: improve control over product quality and cabinet operations by keeping up to date with internal and external temperature, humidity, door opens, AC power and compressor information,
  • Location tracking: with near real-time tracking, enabled by Cell-ID and optional GPS technology to detect any unauthorised movement, and track the cabinets’ location,
  • Single overall view of assets: fully customisable dashboard and map for insight into all cabinets and operational data,
  • Quick reporting tools: a complete operational view of assets to identify and diagnose malfunctions and ensure cabinets can be fixed more quickly,
  • Bi-directional communication: make changes to cabinet controller settings remotely to adjust conditions,
  • Reduced operating costs: by using reports and alerts, know exactly what goes on in your distributed network of remote assets, identify best sellers and points of waste — of time, money and other resources.

The data is sent to the Vodafone Connected Cabinet Platform using our secure network and Global SIM for easier management.

What’s next?

What will the future bring for IoT and Connected Cabinets? Adding beacon technology – transmitters that use Bluetooth to send messages from the cabinet to passing consumers’ mobile phones. These messages can be used to enable context and location-specific messages including targeted advertisements or notification of special offers. This can change the way that cabinet owners communicate with their customers and enable powerful analytics on consumer behaviour.

Find out more about Vodafone Connected Cabinets here

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