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Be more agile – track your assets' every move

Businesses have been built by leaders using their insight, their skilled people and valuable physical assets such as plant and equipment. Whilst you have perfected the art of managing your people, equipment such as plant; defibrillators; mobile equipment; containers, pallets; and cable drums, are not always where you need them to be.
Theft and retrieval may be a concern, however, making sure that your assets are where they need to be for the next utilisation will help you to deliver on your customer needs faster. Further, by having a real-time view of all your assets in the form of an automatically updating dynamic inventory, you can make additional enhancements to your project scheduling and keep those assets in use, around the clock.

Where are my assets now?

It maybe that you just need to know that they are in a specific area, a new industrial plant for example or on a customer site. Geo-fencing enables you to get an alert when the device has moved outside of its planned area of operation, or inside another key location such as a maintenance depot. All of this, seen on a map, provides operators with a great visual status of key assets.

However, making this data available for analysis and immediate decision making requires adding additional intelligence and integration with existing processes

Making use of your assets

Your device location maybe already be plugged into a scheduling application, avoiding the need for manual process. APIs connecting the Mobile Asset Tracking service directly into scheduling software could make additional process improvements, simplifying scheduler activity and reducing human error.

And the business benefit? Improved asset retention, better asset utilisation combined with increased agility in the business will improve the service you deliver to your customers. It pays for itself.

Want to see how we can help you track your assets? Find our info here:-

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