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Track, personalise and review your data

Vodafone Usage Manager App allows you to monitor your mobile data usage.

  • See your data broken down by geographic region and data type (e.g. 3G and WiFi)
  • Receive to regular alerts when reaching and exceeding your pre-defined mobile data thresholds
  • Personalise your settings to adjust your thresholds and how often you are alerted
  • Track your usage over time with approximately six months of data available for you to access

Available on iPhone and Android

Support contact details

For all support issues, please contact your company IT helpdesk to request assistance with "Vodafone Usage Manager".

Please do not contact Vodafone directly.

Your helpdesk will contact "Vodafone app support" on your behalf if they cannot resolve the issue. Support will be provided for Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) customers only. A user guide is available for more information. To download click the button the below.

Download your app now

Vodafone Usage Manager is available for Android phones and iPhones. Click the respective button to download your copy of the app.