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Vodafone IP-VPN is helping enterprise CIOs better manage business-critical services.

More and more enterprise CIOs are putting unified communications and cloud computing at the top of the agenda. These services can transform employee productivity, help teams collaborate remotely around the world, and cut operational costs. But if enterprises are to adopt these new communications tools, they need a fast, reliable and fully integrated global network infrastructure.

Often due to rapid business growth, or through mergers and acquisitions, many global enterprises have ended up with a complex assortment of network types from different suppliers. This situation not only makes it difficult to ensure that you get the consistent network performance needed, but it can also seriously complicate global communications strategies.

Vodafone Global Wide Area Networking Services is designed as a solution to these issues. It converges all sites across the WAN onto a single, high-availability global IP-VPN solution.

Visibility and control

Vodafone is the first provider globally to embed Cisco’s AVC (Application Visibility & Control) technology into their network, providing a solution with no need for additional hardware or infrastructure deployment. All of this is delivered by Cisco Application Experience (“AX”) routers, in combination with reporting portal software from InfoVista integrated into Vodafone’s network. The result is a certified Cisco Powered solution which is capable of delivering tangible business benefits including reduced time of application deployment, security and management.

InfoVista is a worldwide software organization, providing IP and Carrier Ethernet performance assurance solutions which help providers best differentiate and monetize their networks. InfoVista’s Application Visibility Services solution is the first multi-tenant, customer reporting solution for providers, like Vodafone, to complete Cisco’s Interoperability Verification Test for Application Visibility and Control.

Vodafone, Cisco and InfoVista together are helping enterprise customers to gain true visibility of business-critical services in order to deliver a fully optimised, high-quality user experience across applications, locations and devices.

This enhanced visibility helps CIOs to better understand whether performance problems are being caused by the WAN, the LAN, the application or end users. This capability empowers multi-national enterprises to implement accurate network dimensioning practices based on usage and traffic trends, and make cost effective use of bandwidth, targeting investments where users will see the most benefit. This not only ensures that Vodafone’s IP-VPN delivers the best performance for enterprise customers, but also optimises enterprises’ CAPEX and OPEX investments.

With the addition of application performance visualisation through a unified, customer-facing portal, Vodafone customers have access to the real-time technical insight and performance metrics they need, in a single pane of glass, to improve network and application performance and help customers better align their business and IT goals.

Together with Cisco and InfoVista, Vodafone is now able to deliver optimal application performance and a high end-user quality of experience to CIOs, while reducing their operational costs through more efficient bandwidth consumption, faster problem resolution and cost-effective outsourcing of application performance.

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