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In a world that never stands still, enterprises need to be agile, connected and ready. Finding the right Total Communications provider is the first step to achieving all three.

Having a great business today is one challenge; ensuring it is still a great business tomorrow is another. Technologies will keep changing, but the basic business need to keep information flowing and employees armed with the best tools to do their jobs will never change. To therefore maintain competitive advantage in an uncertain future, multinational corporations (MNCs) need a communications infrastructure that can follow the business wherever it expands, connect employees whichever devices they are using or however they want to work and support the latest technology innovations whatever these may look like. MNCs need a Total Communications services provider to achieve these ambitions.

Ready for tomorrow

Who can say how the market will look twenty years from now? Bets are currently hedged on emerging economic giants including Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey1, but what if a global economic power shift sees economies such as China and India become the most powerful markets in the world? What if oil price movements create a new ‘oil order’ bolstering markets such as India and Turkey and deflating the likes of Russia and Nigeria? MNCs need the agility to respond to changing market conditions and a communications infrastructure that can quickly be expanded and/or rebalanced to support their business ambitions in growth markets.

What will happen when data and application-centric generations, often referred to as digital natives, become the dominant demographic within the enterprise? Generations that will expect access to the latest devices, take dual-screening for granted and see mobile and cloud applications as part and parcel of a productive, flexible and satisfied workforce. MNCs need to ensure their places, people and things are – and will remain – confidently connected.

And how can global businesses be sure their products and services will still stand out tomorrow? The sheer size and scale of a multinational corporation makes it harder to adapt and stay current. It also makes it harder to maintain competitive advantage against agile and low cost competitors coming out of emerging markets. MNCs therefore need the imagination to deploy existing and emerging technologies in a way that creates differentiation and new sources of value for customers in order to keep pace.

Confidently connecting your world

As the world’s largest global network, we have been bringing together our unrivalled combination of managed services capabilities for over 30 years to help businesses drive growth, connect their employees, places and assets, and prepare for what tomorrow brings. In 2006 we were the first telecommunications company to launch a single global managed services team, Vodafone Global Enterprise, to help MNCs transform their businesses through communications technology.

Being confidently connected, however, is about more than the network. By intelligently managing fixed, mobile and cloud services we help organisations fulfil their Total Communications needs to work successfully in a constantly changing business landscape.

We enable customers such as DHL and Panasonic to deploy data networking and Unified Communications solutions to link together their organisation and staff around the globe and within their own business environments. Our Machine to machine (M2M) solution for Amazon allows the business to deploy its Kindle eReader devices in multiple countries with a single out-of-the-box browsing experience for its own customers, along with a simplified supply chain for the organisation. These solutions help our customers to not only drive flexibility and productivity, but also competitive advantage through new products, services and business models.

And we are constantly investing in our Total Communications capabilities: by 2016, we will have invested £19 billion to extend our global offering to help our customers become agile, connected and most importantly Ready Businesses.

Being ready for tomorrow is essential for multinationals in an interconnected, integrated global community. Communications technology is playing a key role in that process, providing a platform to respond to the needs of fast-changing markets, ever more sophisticated connectivity demands and constant competition. Vodafone Global Enterprise ultimately enables global businesses to manage those changes, efficiently, effectively and profitably.