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Harness the power of technology to connect your business locations and discover the benefits of better operational agility


Communications and connectivity are critical resources for any large enterprise with complex operations that span the globe.

In today’s digital world the reliability and speed of communications networks can be the difference between gaining competitive advantage and missing business opportunities. Delays in communication between global sites can have a negative impact on critical business systems and applications and, in turn, production, customer service and ultimately, the bottom line.

Equally, a fast and reliable communications network can be a platform for multinational corporations (MNC) to expand globally and to deliver innovative services that lead to for instance improved cross border collaboration and new revenue streams. But it can be difficult for MNCs to fully realise these benefits when their global footprint is large and diverse.

A single business may have a network that incorporates offices, factories, retail sites and even offshore or remote locations. Often these networks have been built up gradually over time, serviced by a patchwork of different suppliers. Managing a network of this size is a time consuming and burdensome task which prevents the businesses from being as agile is it needs to be to remain competitive.

This is why many businesses are consolidating their fixed, wireless and cloud infrastructures together under one global supplier. This approach not only enables businesses to increase overall business agility but crucially allows them what they do best, drive their core business and continue to expand

Find out what’s possible when a global business is connected by one trusted global network