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Why there’s strategic business value in consolidating all of the people, places and things in your enterprise.

The enterprise is being reimagined by social, mobile, cloud and analytical technologies – from the smallest tasks and processes, through to entire industries and organisations.

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are no longer questioning whether to bring these technologies into the business – but rather how they can extract the most value from them. This is achieved by streamlining operations, empowering employees to communicate more effectively with each other and with customers, wherever and whenever they need to, or creating brand new business models and revenue opportunities.

Progressive enterprises are recognising the commercial advantage of consolidating all fixed, wired, wireless and cloud elements together under one supplier, an approach favoured by more than half of global MNCs today1.

Consolidating suppliers and networks to drive cost savings, improved user productivity and greater control over communications spend and applications2 are currently the key reasons for businesses to adopt a Total Communications approach. But these only really scratch the surface of what can be really achieved when the people, places and things across your organisation are totally connected.

So what’s possible when you bring your communications together?

See what Total Communications could do for your business

1,2Total Communications Survey, Vodafone, 2015