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When is a device medical? Will regulators forever be playing catch-up as health technology progresses? These were some of the questions discussed during our first webinar Health Debate on the regulatory barriers to mHealth adoption with panel speakers from PatientView and GXPi.

On Tuesday the 5th of February, we hosted our first live Health Debate webinar to discuss patient privacy and regulation as a barrier to mHealth adoption.

“Why does all this matter anyway?”, Tony Kane, Head of mHealth at Vodafone Global Enterprise, started the event by positioning its relevance reflecting on the excitement and growth in mHealth versus the real concerns around data privacy and security. “The new normal in healthcare data revolves around a triangle of continuous collection, high volume, and cross-border. Traditional consent does not work in a modern era”.

Alex Wyke, founder and managing director of PatientView, noted that “mHealth remains a gamble for patients”, she referred to a survey by the New Economics Foundation where the “overwhelming majority of the 6,000 people surveyed believed that patients should be able to choose whether they are included in any digital database”.

One of the conclusions of the debate was that there is a need for real leadership to overcome the many barriers imposed by the privacy and regulatory issues. As Mark Stevens, Operations Director of GXPi, outlined however, one of the issues is the fact that “technology changes faster than the regulations”.

An audience driven debate followed, “will regulators forever be playing catch-up as health technology progresses?” Check the webcast to watch the full Health Debate.

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