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As most firms are now recognising, the widespread mobility that has emerged following the increased consumerisation of IT and the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend has distinct advantages for professionals and enterprises. In its broadest terms, the changes can help to liberate the enterprise and increase workforce flexibility and productivity.

Like all communications strategies, to ensure that the business is fully protected, the new and increased cyber-risks that arise from BYOD need to be managed appropriately. Unlike previously, when work and home PCs were typically kept in a secure home or office environment, the types of small, portable multi-purpose devices popular with today’s professionals are often carried around, putting them at greater risk of loss or theft.

Demand for a multiplicity of platforms and the risks associated with working away from the office on an unsecured WiFi network are among other potentially damaging BYOD threats. For these reasons, as well as working to protect the enterprise, the need also exists to give individuals the reassurance that they are simultaneously connected and protected and that their corporate and personal data is secure.

Vodafone Global Enterprise’s fully-managed, cloud-based security solution provides this reassurance. Specifically, some of the key benefits which Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager presents include:.

  1. Confidence that enterprise data and devices are protected from malicious attacks
  2. Better compliance – thanks to the reduced likelihood of legal action and fines as well as less risk of damaged consumer trust or brand reputation following the loss or leakage of sensitive data
  3. Increased productivity through the secure use of mobile working
  4. Improved trust – with customers, suppliers and staff all confident that the data accessed via mobile devices is secure from viruses and malicious attacks
  5. Greater flexibility afforded by the ability to enable employees to work remotely using a diverse range of devices and operating systems