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Take control of your communications


Simpler, more productive working

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Vodafone One Net Enterprise is a managed service that helps teams work more effectively. It intelligently brings together different forms of communication and collaboration into a single cloud-based system. Whether your business runs on Cisco or Microsoft systems, Vodafone One Net Enterprise can deliver.

At a glance

Vodafone One Net Enterprise is a complete set of unified collaboration and communication tools including:

Integrated voice across all devices

Using fixed and mobile networks from the same provider leads to a consistent user experience. Calls ring on multiple devices, including mobile and tablets.

Intelligent presence and messaging

Context-aware systems mean you can tell others how and when to communicate with you.


Audio, web and video communications combine to enable remote collaboration, independent of platforms and devices.

Full PBX-equivalent functionality

Plus all the advantages of reduced capital expenditure on hardware and software installation, evergreen IT and a single-provider service model.

System-specific features

Such as email from Microsoft or Enterprise Social Media from Cisco.



Businesses are facing many challenges. For example, IT infrastructure is getting older and increasingly expensive. Workersstruggle to communicate, collaborate and respond to customers. Fixed and mobile telephony costs too much.

Vodafone Global Enterprise can help you define a new strategy to overcome these issues and be ready to face the future.

Benefits for your business

  • Helps your people collaborate seamlessly
  • Gives you the flexibility to add and reduce licences as business needs change
  • Utility pricing reduces capital expenditure and makes budgeting easier
  • Reduces IT maintenance and management
  • New features, functionality and upgrades are automatically added as they become available
  • Cloud technology means you can quickly roll out communication services in new locations

Benefits for your people

  • Intuitive conferencing solutions for ad hoc meetings
  • One number, one mailbox means more effective communication
  • Collaboration is simpler, with real-time file and screen sharing
  • Improve teamwork with collaboration tools on the go
  • The best tariffs mean staff can use mobile data with confidence wherever they are in the world

Featuring Cisco

Simpler, more effective communication

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Vodafone seamlessly routes all mobile and fixed calls through one number and one voicemail, so your people get a consistent experience across all their devices. They’ll never miss an important call again.

Work more productively, collaborate more closely

Vodafone One Net Enterprise featuring Cisco includes collaboration tools that enable your employees to work the way they want. Real-time file and screen sharing delivers better teamwork and decision making, especially in virtual teams.

Free to work anywhere with Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

Vodafone One Net Enterprise featuring Cisco means employees can get the mobile data they need on any device when they are on the move or abroad, without the fear of unexpected costs*.

Note: Vodafone One Net Enterprise featuring Cisco is available in Europe and Asia Pacific.

*Red for Vodafone One Net Enterprise is available to customers purchasing a full fixed and mobile convergence solution in one of the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom or Czech Republic.

To find out more or request a demo, contact your Account Manager or Get in touch.

Featuring Microsoft

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Connect your people, wherever they are

  • Make the right connections with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues
  • Quickly and intuitively find and communicate with the right person
  • Switch easily between different forms of communication
  • Migrate to this new way of working with Vodafone expertise

Take control of your communications

  • Manage increasing volumes of communications across devices
  • Give your employees the tools to collaborate more effectively
  • Powerful capabilities, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and role-based access control
  • Microsoft Exchange archiving, mailbox capacity and data retention policy management
  • Microsoft’s own security software means no extra email protection is needed

Note: Vodafone One Net Enterprise featuring Microsoft is available in the United Kingdom with roll out plans to Europe and APAC in 2015/2016. To find out more or request a demo, contact your Account Manager or Get in touch.

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