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Take the right steps to support your business plans

Vodafone Unified Communications and Collaboration Snapshot is a professional services engagement for multinational corporations who may be restricted by legacy systems and complex, disjointed IT infrastructures.

You may have different suppliers in different countries and are managing multiple contact points, reports and tariffs, in multiple currencies. The Snapshot allows you to accurately determine the appropriate readiness of your culture, systems and processes to embrace new communications technologies in support of your business plans.

We will look at your current versus required capabilities and identify enablers and inhibitors to adoption. We will also provide recommendations to help your business exploit the full benefits of new technology. To do this we go far beyond traditional cost/benefit analysis. We help you fully understand how unified communications and collaboration and related technology can transform your business.

Make things simpler

The assessment is a key step in the consolidation of your communications infrastructure. It will simplify, make costs more predictable and reduce administration. The benefits can also extend to how your people work, helping them to operate more flexibly and to collaborate with other team members using the voice and data devices they prefer.



How we can help your business

Vodafone Unified Communication and Collaboration Snapshot will leave your business better placed to build a strong communications infrastructure that can be the foundation for growth. It will help you use cost control and visibility to stay ahead of the competition. You'll acquire the flexibility to react quickly to customer demands and be able to plan for the future, including moving to cloud-based technology. As a result, you'll become more attractive to the best talent and realise economies of scale on a global basis.

Combining all your communications with one global supplier can:

  • Make your organisation more productive
  • Reduce communication and infrastructure costs
  • Simplify the way your services are managed
  • Provide a consistent user experience across sites and devices
  • Streamline business processes

Because we also offer consulting, design and installation services, we can deliver an end-to-end communication solution - from initial audit to implementation and optimisation.