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Confidently connecting your world

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Are you ready?

Be prepared for what you can't predict

In today’s rollercoaster world, the future cannot be predicted. Only a few are truly prepared. Make sure yours is a Ready Business so you can manage those unexpected challenges and create new business opportunities. Become more agile, mobile and collaborative – and exceptionally responsive to customers’ changing needs and fast changing events.



Confidently Connected Brochure


Create a flexible and resilient organisation

Create a flexible and resilient organisation

In a fast moving and unpredictable world you need to be able to withstand and manage the impact of unforeseen global events and market conditions. An agile organisation is able to optimise resources by eliminating supplier costs and resource duplication, reducing process inefficiencies and non-core activities such as managing telecoms help desks, invoicing or billing. Agility and resilience allow you to drive “efficient growth”: operational efficiency in established markets, whilst pursuing growth in new or emerging markets, balancing business and IT investment between the two.


Build tomorrow's workforce

Build tomorrows workforce

With fierce global competition for the best people, you need new ways of addressing talent gaps. Imaginative businesses are exploring everything from automation and offshoring to recruitment in non-traditional labour markets. It’s time to develop fluid working practices that appeal to a wide range of people with vastly different expectations. Successful organisations will create a working environment that enables all to flourish. As a result an appealing communications package that allows staff to work how and where they want will be vital to ensuring you can retain and recruit the best talent in the future.


Drive value in new ways

Drive value in new ways

When growth is variable, investment tight and costs under pressure, you need to go beyond efficiency and get creative. In search of competitive advantage and clear differentiation, successful organisations will use mobility and technology to innovate and thrive by creating new market spaces or deeper customer insights and relationships.

We ensure a Ready Business is totally connected - and with everything connected you are ready for almost anything. We ensure multinational enterprises are always confidently connected across their people, places and things. So you can operate more effectively, more productively and discover value you didn’t even know existed. And by bringing all your communications together with us, you can achieve so much more.

So how can we help

See how we have helped businesses today:

Panasonic is a Ready Business

Panasonic decided to unify its communications landscape across Europe with Vodafone One Net Enterprise

Be totally connected

Ready today

ready today

Confidently connecting your world

At Vodafone Global Enterprise we provide the connectivity and communications services to ensure multinational enterprises are always confidently connected across their people, places and things.


Connected people - whoever

connected people

We can connect together your people, regardless of where or how they choose to work or what type of device or operating system they would like to use to get their job done. We provide unified communications, cloud and mobility management services to connect people together and to enable them to collaborate more effectively: across teams, across divisions, across borders... It enables the enterprise to embrace all forms of mobile and flexible working in a cost efficient, controlled and secure manner.


Connected places - wherever

connected places

We can connect together your business real estate around the globe – your branches, offices, distribution hubs, factories, retail outlets, banks, data centres, construction sites, oil wells…Regardless of what you do as a business, through our global fixed data networking, mobile communications, satellite and hosting services, we provide the vital connectivity glue to bond your organisation’s places together.

Read how DHL and Vodafone deliver a single WAN for Africa

Connected things - whatever

connected things

Through our Machine-to-Machine and mTransformation services we can connect together your key business assets – whether they are cars, trucks, vending machines, security cameras, devices, pallets, shipments, or even virtual things such as money or business data – the list is endless and only really limited by your business imagination. Through connections, you can turn previously “unconnected objects” into “intelligent business assets”, even allowing you to create new products, insights and business models.

Read how Amazon and Vodafone partner to deliver great customer experience

Connected anytime - whenever

Finally, through our ownership of global wire, wireless and cloud networks, we are uniquely placed to deliver this vision. It means we provide the connectivity to deliver your critical business information, applications and communications with ultimate reliability – whenever you need it… connecting your places, people and things


Find out more


All together more

all together more

By connecting together your people, places and things, you can unlock new sources of value across your business and achieve all together more in three key areas.


Better Operational Agility - all together more flexible and responsive

Our solutions help you realise economies of scale and simplify your supplier arrangements. You can outsource support services and focus on your core activity.- You can understand your communications infrastructure better, gain more impact from your business applications and ensure your business is built on firm connectivity foundations. And when all your communications are brought together, your enterprise will be empowered to be all together more agile and competitive.

Telecoms Management

Vodafone Telecoms Management is a flexible platform that lets you see, control and manage your fixed and mobile global communications from a central point. It covers ordering and configuring devices, handling inventory and expenses, and managing contracts with individual suppliers.

Find out more about how to optimise your global communications through our Telecoms Management portfolio

Global Connectivity

Our global capabilities mean we can give you secure, reliable fixed and mobile connectivity that cover the world. So your employees get a consistent experience wherever they work. You’ll be equipped to respond quickly to new business opportunities or threats. You’ll be primed to harness new critical business applications and next-generation cloud, IT and unified communications services.

Find out more about our Global Connectivity portfolio including fixed data networking services and mobile voice and data communications


Better Connected Employees - all together more productive

We can help you raise motivation by giving employees the communications and IT tools they need and appreciate. Unified communications and flexible working solutions help them collaborate better and work across teams and borders. We can allow them to work almost anywhere, while preventing cost overruns and security breaches. We can also enable you to move to new operating systems or device ownership models when it makes sense for your business. So that when all your employees are seamlessly connected they will be empowered to deliver all together more.

Unified Communications

Whether based on Cisco or Microsoft Lync platforms, our solutions bring together all forms of communication and collaboration (fixed, mobile, desktop, messaging and conferencing) onto a single cloud system. We help you increase productivity, reduce fixed costs by eliminating legacy infrastructure and scale capacity up and down in line with business needs.

Find out more about converging your communications with Vodafone's Unified Communications portfolio

Cloud and Hosting Services

We work with you to identify your unique IT needs and how we can improve performance and reduce costs. Our comprehensive range of services includes flexible computing, managed hosting and private cloud. We also offer storage, security and professional services to help you plan, transform and migrate your business to the cloud.

Find out more about how our Cloud and Hosting Services portfolio can help you make the move to the cloud

Managed Mobility Services

We help your people to embrace all forms of mobile working. Our solutions range from device management to mobile security, from professional services to managed support, and from 'corporate liable' to ‘bring your own device’ models.

Find out more about our Managed Mobility Services portfolio and secure the future of mobility in your business


Better Customer Engagement - deliver all together more value

Our approach to communications doesn’t centre on systems that do things faster, better or cheaper. It’s about using technology to drive true competitive advantage. So we can help you improve your business processes, create new products and services and use new data sources to develop deeper customer insights and relationships.When all your customer channels and business assets are connected and work together, you can offer your customers all together more.

Customer Experience Solutions

We offer a range of services for contact centres, both on-premise and cloud-based, They help you integrate new customer channels such as text message, webchat, email and social media. We can also enable you to streamline complex customer processes (such as mortgage or credit card applications) using mobile, text message, email and online automation.

Find out more about how our Customer Experience Solutions can help you get closer to your customers


We help you derive real competitive advantage by using mobile technology to develop new products and services, radically improve business processes and use deep insight to develop productive customer relationships. Our portfolio includes a range of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, along with mobile data, payment and marketing solutions.

Find out how our mTransformation portfolio can deliver more value for your business


Why choose us?

We can help you transform your business and keep your organization one step ahead of the competition.


Our capability

Unique global reach - wire, wireless, cloud

unique global reach

Through our unique combination of global wire, wireless and cloud services, we are uniquely placed to help you bring all your communications together, connecting the people, places and things across your organisation. And the better you’re connected, the readier you will be to achieve all together more.

Project Spring - investing £19bn to bring you all together more

  • Asia & Africa - extending our network and product capabilities
  • USA - building our value proposition and presence
  • Fixed data networking - aggressively accelerating our global roll out plans
  • M2M - expanding our platform to new countries
  • Unified communications - developing Vodafone One Net Enterprise - our converged communications solution
  • Cloud and hosting services - building global scale



Through the acquisition and integration of Cable & Wireless Worldwide in 2012, we can provide customers with the benefit of a global fixed data network spanning over 200 countries, and a global connectivity backbone to support their worldwide operations. This is complemented by existing and newly acquired national networks in over 15 markets, offering customers all together more in terms of wide global and deep local reach.

Key facts & figures

  • 1 million+ fibre network
  • No. 1 global voice carrier for international minutes
  • Deep in country local networks - 15+ markets


  • +60 countries, 200+ direct points of presence (PoPs)
  • Extended to 200+ countries via partners
  • Fixed voice services - 45+ markets
  • 2016 - direct reach to 90 countries, 300+ PoPs.

Further information:

Vodafone expands high speed network connections for enterprise in America

Vodafone announces agreement for integrated communications with Premier Foods


The most extensive global network with coverage across 92 countries, 224 cities and 322 POPs by March

Red dot 2016 Coverage today
Purple dot Planned growth




Vodafone is one of the world’s largest international mobile providers and, through our M2M capabilities, is a major player in the Internet of Things. Vodafone is also one of the most valuable and pervasive brands in the world with an estimated worth of over $30bn according to Brand Finance. Through the combination of our global wireless, satellite, managed mobility and M2M capabilities we can provide customers all together more in terms of mobilising their business.

Key facts and figures

  • 430m+ mobile customers worldwide
  • M2M global leader - 18m+ connected devices
  • No. 1 international mobile provider
  • Analyst recognition - Global Managed Mobility, M2M Services

Coverage - today

  • Network operations - 24 markets
  • Extended to 80+ countries via partners
  • Vodafone 4G/LTE services in 15 markets
  • Global satellite coverage
  • 2016 - 91% 4G outdoor coverage across Europe by 2016

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Vodafone recognised as a leader in first Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Machine-to-Machine Services

ThyssenKrupp doubles its Vodafone contract volume


By March 2016, 91% 4G outdoor coverage across Europe

Red dot Operating companies
Green dot Partners and Affiliates


By March 2016, 91% 4G outdoor coverage across Europe

Red dot Coverage today
Red ring Coverage by March 2016




Through our award winning data centres, we have a 20 year heritage providing mission critical networked cloud and hosting IT services to government and enterprise customers around the world. Through a comprehensive range of services with one provider, we can offer all together more in terms of helping you move your IT infrastructure, communications and contact centre services to the cloud.

Key facts and figures

  • Serves more than 1200 public sector and enterprise customers
  • Managing Europe’s largest email system
  • 840,000+ square feet of data centre floor space, housing over 41,000 servers
  • Secure government & enterprise grade solutions
  • 3.5m+ Vodafone One Net cloud enterprise customers


  • 14 data centres – UK, Ireland, South Africa, Germany
  • Partner capabilities – Asia, Americas, Africa & ME
  • 2016 - extend presence in 8+ countries by 2016
Learn more about realising the potential of Cloud and Hosting Services


Cloud and Hosting Services

Red dot Vodafone facilities
Green dot Partner facilities
Purple dot Coverage by March 2016


Need to know more about Vodafone Global Enterprise?

To find out how we can help you develop a winning communications strategy, get in touch.

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