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To keep moving forward in today's economy you need to enter new markets, engage with the right segments and drive innovation throughout your organisation.

Vodafone Global Enterprise is dedicated to helping our consumer goods customers stay ahead of the game with the most innovative mobility solutions that add value to your business through your supply chain, procurement processes, sales and marketing channels, and importantly, connect you with your consumers.

What’s worse empty shelves or unhappy consumers?

There’s nothing worse than missing out on delighting a consumer because their favourite product is out of stock, or simply not on the shelf. And it’s costly to your business, it is estimated that below-par retail execution costs brands €4 billion each year.

Improving the flow of information between your business channels can solve this easily and make sure your consumers can pick up the items they want. It’s also essential to driving high quality retail execution and product availability across your global presence.

Connecting to your channels to ensure product availability
Vodafone Global Enterprise provides scalable salesforce automation solutions that give your sales teams and category managers all the information they need to increase sales, ensure on-shelf availability and planogram compliance, in real-time.

Who has the loudest voice?

Today's consumer faces more marketing messages than ever, through multiple channels. The challenge is making sure that you cut through the noise and deliver targeted and relevant messages that resonate with your consumer base. Connecting with consumers through mobile.

On average people check their mobile phones 120 times a day, couple that with the seven billion mobile phones currently in use world-wide, and the fact the amount is set to outstrip the global population. No other channel has the ability to deliver your brand directly into the hands of your consumers.

Vodafone Global Enterprise offers a global marketing platform through SMS which ensures you communicate the right message, to the right audience at the right time, world-wide, achieving cost efficiencies. Developing a mobility-based marketing strategy enables consumer goods companies to understand consumer behaviour at first hand and empowers you to make informed and valuable business decisions, bringing you closer to your consumers.

These are just some of the many ways mobility can transform your sales and marketing channels in your business and deliver tangible benefits. Talk to us about other solutions that can be delivered across sales and marketing, logistics, supply chain and procurement.

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