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Enterprise Managed Mobility is constantly evolving. Organisations are faced with the challenge of managing growing mobile estates and an increase in demand to adopt a BYOD policy. 

These trends are increasing the risk of cyber-attacks to the mobile employee. But what types of threat do these security attacks pose and how can they be prevented?

In the first of our five part video series, Simon Leak, Vodafone Global Enterprise Security Product Manager, talks about how vulnerable mobile devices can be to cyber-attacks and recommends solutions to protect organisations.

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The Vodafone Cyber Security Series is a five part video series offering advice on mobile security – demonstrating man in the middle, phishing and spyware attacks being performed and ways you can protect your mobile devices and corporate data against these threats.

The series concludes with an ethical hacker interview, revealing unique insights into the impact BYOx has had on today’s cyber security attacks.