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MNCs are increasingly aiming to benefit from a more centralised and unified approach to mobility, which they see as an essential component of a unified communications strategy that will reduce costs and improve productivity.

The 2010 EMEA Enterprise Mobility Survey from IDC Research revealed that 38% of Multinational corporations (MNCs) highlight “costs” as the largest single challenge in supporting their mobility strategy. MNCs are increasingly aiming to benefit from a more centralised and unified approach to mobility, which they see as an essential component of a unified communications strategy that will reduce costs and improve productivity, particularly at a time when globalisation, cloud computing and the growth of the emerging markets are forcing MNCs to re-evaluate their business and technology strategy.

However, many MNCs continue to have a regional or departmental approach to the procurement of mobile services that creates a problem in creating a cost effective and more strategic approach to mobility management. At the same time, due to the consumerisation of technology and growth of cloud computing applications and services, MNCs are under increasing pressure from end users for mobile flexible working, devices and business apps.

Globalisation is another major pain point for MNCs, as managing the communications, devices, fixed lines, mobility, connectivity and security across all operational territories is complex and expensive.

Vodafone Global Enterprise was established in direct response to MNC customers who wanted to improve their business efficiency and mobility management with a consistent global service and a single point of contact for all communications services, including devices, pricing, billing, ordering and support. Vodafone Global Enterprise also has a well-established global network of operating companies, affiliates and partners. These strong, long-term relationships are carefully managed by Vodafone to ensure that key services such as central ordering and global SLAs are delivered in a way which is seamless to the customer.

Vodafone Global Enterprise co-created the service offering with MNC customers to include a master service agreement (MSA) at the core which offers a centralised contract and single point of contact. Dependent upon the nature of the customer’s business further service layers were added to the centralised contract to include consistent pricing and service across a region; a fully-managed mobility service; global outsourcing and total managed communications. The service layer contains a number of additional products and services, including: Device Manager, which enables the secure management of mobile devices; Spend Manager, a telecom expense management application; and Activity Manager, a service that proactively informs the user of a network problem.

The benefit of a creating a standardised yet flexible managed mobility strategy can empower MNCs to extend their use of communications technologies to increase employee productivity and drive operational efficiencies with new services. These services may be vertical – such as the industry-specific offerings in finance and health – or they may be broader in scope, such as machine to machine (M2M) solutions.

In turn, the growth of cloud-based business applications such as and increased consumer usage of mobile devices and geo-location services is leading MNCs to partner with the services arm of Vodafone Global Enterprise to create innovative new services that drive additional revenue opportunities.

It is no surprise that in 2009 Vodafone Global Enterprise was named Best Mobile Enterprise Service by the Mobile World Congress in recognition of its leading portfolio of managed communications services. In July 2010, the global consultancy body Current Analysis considered the company to be the leading player for global managed mobility services, saying “we are positive on Vodafone Global Enterprise, a service provider that has created a unique position in the global enterprise mobility market with innovative value-added solutions and very competitive pricing, strengthened by its substantial global footprint and partnerships.”

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