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You’ve seen the headlines. Video, network-based business, network-attached devices, cloud computing, and virtualisation in data centres are fuelling demand for more bandwidth, resilience and scalability. And let’s not forget the extra pressure on networks from advanced social media and collaboration services.

All this means that choosing the right connectivity solution – traditional Internet, IP-VPN, Ethernet or a hybrid approach – is nothing short of critical. So here are five signs that Ethernet could be the right solution for your enterprise network:

  1. You’ll need more bandwidth

    Stated simply, the applications are coming, and they are all increasingly bandwidth intensive. You’ve seen the industry figures estimating 40-50% growth per annum in raw capacity requirements. Is your network ready for that? And can you afford to keep riding the cost/bit curve you are currently on? If you need to increase your bandwidth (think 1Gb/s and beyond) to connect to data centres and the cloud, Ethernet provides a powerful tool to add to your network solution. You will benefit from the ability to match the right service capacity to the bandwidth you need at a cost point that doesn’t break the IT budget. At higher bandwidths Ethernet provides a more cost effective solution, this is one cost curve you don’t want to overlook.
  2. Data security and compliance are critical

    Of course, you want to keep control of your network and secure traffic in a way that keeps industry regulations in mind. Accessing critical data stores over the global Internet may be cheap and convenient, but security and data governance considerations may expose your data to significant threats. Dedicated Ethernet is completely separate from the Internet, which means better security, visibility to performance and overall control. Dedicated Ethernet also has ‘deterministic’ qualities. This means the route taken by your traffic is well understood and protection paths can be set up in case there’s a fault somewhere along the way.
  3. Your real-time applications are stressing your network

    It makes good business sense to move critical applications to the cloud. Adopting a lower cost, on-demand, Anything-as-a-Service operating model is the future. But it can put more pressure on your network, and adversely affect your organisation’s real-time applications. A Dedicated Ethernet approach offers lower latency and higher bandwidth than alternatives. So it’s ideal for applications where milliseconds count, such as algorithmic trading; data centre backup or live broadcast contribution traffic.
  4. You need high performance and reliability

    Dedicated Ethernet is very reliable, providing a range off fault tolerance levels. And with the growth of cloud networking, network performance and availability are both crucial. Ethernet can meet your needs – from 99% for non-critical applications, such as Internet access to 99.995% availability (monthly) for mission-critical applications such as trading floor applications or data centre backup.
  5. You need a network that’s grows with you

    As unified communications and video put more pressure on bandwidth, Dedicated Ethernet plays an important role in providing cost-effective and easy-to-manage connectivity. It’s easy to scale bandwidth, it allows easy growth as applications demand it, and can help lower the overall TCO compared to traditional networks. Ethernet also allows organisations to move to the cloud seamlessly, and take advantage of all the benefits that come with better operational agility. In short, with Vodafone’s Ethernet Services you can ensure your organisation is built on firm connectivity foundations, allowing you to become a ‘Ready Business’, ready to achieve all together so much more.

Next steps

If any of the five signs strike a chord with you, Vodafone can help. Vodafone Ethernet services form a core part of our capability as a Total Communications provider.

Learn more about our Ethernet services

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