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Strategic approach to telecoms spending

Vodafone Spend Manager is a reporting platform that provides centralised visibility and control of your Vodafone mobile communications. It allows a more strategic approach to understanding and managing your usage and spend, helping you free up resources, identify potential for cost savings and predict future trends.

With Vodafone Spend Manager you can easily manage all your mobile communications from anywhere, at any time, in a single, consistent and easy-to-read format.

How it works

Vodafone Spend Manager offers a range of features to make communications management simpler:

  • A single access point for all spend and usage
  • Spend information displayed by usage type, with local service types converted into a standardised format
  • Extract and analyse data on a global and country-specific level
  • View, interrogate and report on mobile usage and spend from anywhere, at any time


Complex telecommunications, simplified

Vodafone Spend Manager relieves the burden of managing complex mobile systems. It consolidates and standardises your Vodafone mobile spend information from as many countries as you need, giving you a clear view of telecoms spend right across your organisation. This makes it easy to identify potential cost savings and to predict future trends. And Vodafone Spend Manager offers remote access from anywhere, with no compromise on security.


A single, standard and consolidated view of spend information from multiple countries


Extract or analyse complex data on global, country or local specific levels and review by usage type in a single format


Secure, remote user access and communications management from anywhere in the world


Fast easy upgrade to Spend Analytics for deeper reporting and enhanced user access

Superior experience

Single point of contact for support via the Global Enterprise Service Centre

The detail you need

We understand what you need from your mobile management tools. That's why Vodafone Spend Manager provides a single, standard, consolidated view of spend information from multiple countries. But it isn't only efficient, it's flexible too. You can extract or analyse complex data on global, country or local levels and review by usage type in a single format. Naturally, it's secure, giving you remote user access and communications management from anywhere in the world. And it's scalable, with fast, easy upgrade to Vodafone Spend Analytics for deeper reporting and enhanced user access, when you need it. Remember, you also benefit from excellent support and a single point of contact at the Vodafone Global Enterprise Service Centre.

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