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Providing the insight you need

Vodafone Spend Analytics is an invoice-based reporting platform that provides visibility and control of all your mobile, fixed and conferencing spend across all telecoms carriers and your global network. It allows a more strategic approach to understanding and managing your usage and spend. Vodafone Spend Analytics helps you to free up resources, simplify your processes, identify potential for cost savings and predict future trends.

With Vodafone Spend Analytics you can easily manage your enterprise communications from anywhere, at any time, in a single, consistent and easy-to-read format.

How it works

Vodafone Spend Analytics can transform your communications management:

  • A single, consistent view across carriers and service types
  • Detailed invoice-based reporting by region, country and account
  • Build and tailor queries and reports for use and distribution through the platform
  • Data available 24/7 via a single portal, wherever and whenever you need it
  • Historical data organised by carrier, service type, country, invoice period, account, item type or connection


Clear information for smart decisions

Vodafone Spend Analytics delivers insight with real business relevance. It helps you identify areas of high spend and decide where savings can be made. It enables you to uncover and understand trends, so you can proactively manage your spending. And it offers like-for-like reporting for a clear understanding of usage and spend patterns.

From single connection and network reporting to full global telecoms spend across all carriers

24/7 access to detailed historical and current data reporting by region, country and account, supports tailored queries and reports for use and distribution through the platform

Optimise spend:
A clear understanding of usage and spend to help identify where savings can be made

Easy to review trends for proactive spend management and like-for-like reporting for an improved efficiency strategy

Superior experience:

Flexible reporting to suit your needs

Vodafone Spend Analytics is designed to fit your telecoms management requirements. First, it's scalable, so you can apply it to anything from a single connection and network to full global telecoms spend across multiple carriers. It's flexible, giving you 24/7 access to detailed historical and current reports by region, country and account. It supports tailored queries and reports that can be used and distributed through the platform.

It helps you optimise your communications spending by giving you a clear understanding of usage and cost and enabling you to identify where savings can be made. It's efficient, making it easy to review trends and proactively manage your spending. It offers like-for-like reporting for greater efficiency. And it provides a superior user experience, with sophisticated reporting tools visible at one central hub, in one currency.

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