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Get a clear view of your current spend

Vodafone Baseline Analysis helps you control costs and plan for future telecoms improvements and operational efficiencies by providing a clear view of your existing mobile and fixed line spend and inventory. This service is designed to provide insight of total cost of ownership and visibility into the outcomes and capabilities a telecoms management solution can deliver.

How it works

Vodafone Baseline Analysis gives you insight into the effectiveness of a telecoms management solution for your organisation. We provide a detailed month-long view of your telecoms spend and inventory, helping you identify what products and services you have where, and at what cost. We also produce data reports against established business structures and hierarchies that helps you reduce costs, compare like for like telecom services across suppliers, and build a credible business case for a telecoms management solution.


Build a case for a telecoms management solution

Vodafone Baseline Analysis provides a sound basis for identifying usage trends and comparing similar telecom service suppliers, enabling you to reduce costs in the long run. It helps mitigate risk by enabling you to build a credible business case for a telecoms management solution. You gain greater negotiating power by understanding current services and rates before issuing an RFP. And you can build a solid foundation for future improvements and the implementation of a more comprehensive telecoms management solution.

Expertise and Experience:
Now you can proactively gain visibility into your existing telecoms landscape, defining your current telecoms assets and costs as well as preparing for future network improvements and a foundation for a future telecoms management solution

Greater visibility:
A detailed month-long view of your current fixed and/or mobile telecoms inventory and spend across your in-scope organisation, with data reported against established business structures and hierarchies

Expert Insight:
Identify spend of telecoms network assets and where they are deployed, arming the enterprise with the knowledge needed to find efficiencies and make cost savings

Enhanced negotiating power:
Define current charges against existing telecoms assets as a baseline for improved future re-negotiations and RFPs with suppliers

Mitigated risk:
Build a credible business case for, and minimise risks associated with, adopting a telecoms management solution

A foundation for adopting and implementing more comprehensive telecoms management solutions

Prepare for a better future

Vodafone Baseline Analysis taps into our unparalleled expertise and experience to help you understand your telecoms, from your current assets and costs to potential network improvements. As a result, it helps you build a foundation for a future telecoms management solution. To give you clearer visibility, it includes a detailed month-long view of your current fixed and/or mobile telecoms inventory and spend. Data is reported against your established business structures and hierarchies.

We use our expertise to identify spend across your network, helping you find efficiencies and make savings. By mapping current charges against your telecoms assets, we provide a baseline for contract renegotiations and RFPs on more favourable terms. And we help you build a credible business case for adopting a telecoms management solution.

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