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80% of a business’s workforce will use smartphones for work. While the benefits may be obvious, what are the challenges enterprises face?

Since the global economic crisis in 2008, the financial industry is trying hard to rebuild its image. The objective is to become profitable, sustainable and trustworthy in today’s very dynamic marketplace.

The retail banking sector has recently been in the limelight for two main reasons. First, this is an area where financial institutions see more stable earnings and returns. Secondly, there is a new digitalisation revolution hitting this sector. There is a greater desire and acceptance among customers to use online banking, smartphones and tablets to conduct their banking transactions. This introduces the need for increased security maintenance on both devices and within applications to ensure sensitive data is protected.

The business landscape in general is also changing. A new phenomenon, called ‘Consumerisation’ is the individual’s desire to have similar technology experiences both at home and in the workplace. While the value and benefits of BYOD are known, there are risks of e-mail infiltration and data protection in case of devices being lost.

This white paper highlights how Telecommunications Management solutions can mitigate such concerns by providing visibility, control and security while also reducing telecommunications costs.